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Blow-up the outside

Set if off, set it off, now, set it off

Aksi Slacktor
6 February 1988
Baby, You hardly even notice
when I try to show you
this song is meant to keep ya
from doing what you're supposed to
like waking up too early
Maybe we can sleep in
I'll make you banana pancakes
pretend like it's the weekend now

And we can pretend it all the time, yeah
Can't you see that it's just raining


Hiya, I'm Bek.
[insert something witty and informative here]
I am biotic; I am not of the abiotic variety.
I think of myself as a bit different from the norm, but I won't say I'm unique because most everyone is once you hit bone.
People have quoted me on teeshirts!
I like to play with boys' hair.
I love the English language not despite but because of it's faults.
I like to watch people smoke.
I like people who speak English in a silly way - IE, not their native tongue. It's cute how botched it is.
:o Believe me when I say I'm rad, believe me when I say I'm not.
I want to be a sexy librarian.
I'm a level 19 Disco Bandit.
I'm fond of the naked human form.
All your base are belong to me. Make your time.
Je parle un peu de francaise.
I like photography. :D Show me some pictures.
I know random facts about WWII.
I totally used to be a SIF... and by "used to be a SIF" I mean "I'll admit I'm totally a fatty, but that doesn't mean you get to see pictures of all of me".
Any icon I put "made by me" on legitimately was; I don't just snag pictures make them small and call them my own, I find an image resize, recolour and often animate it.
I really love mythology and folklore.
I love to dye my hair new colours ;3
I'm a total perv, but at least I won't hit on you.
I'm a little bit lewd;Vulgar;Inappropriate; Fun.
Drop a line, I don't mind. :3

I mod Bad_Boobs, Cooterville and Curvy_north .t